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Jumoke Ogunsanwo is a Real Estate Consultant with over a decade’s worth of experience across the Banking, I.T, Oil & Gas and Real Estate industries. She holds a first degree in Business Administration and a Master’s Degree in Public and International Affairs, both from the University of Lagos. She is a leading realtor who provides advisory services to individuals and organisations on how to start, manage and grow investments in Real Estate.

Before establishing herself as a leading voice in Real Estate, she has had significant experience in customer relationship management and administration across three different industries. She developed knowledge of purchase process, advisory skills, excellent communication skills as well as negotiation skills.

She provides Real Estate consultancy services to clients across a diverse clientele base. In line with industry regulations, she provides information about properties to potential buyers, develops and manages business leads while also conducting comprehensive market research activities. Beyond these, she manages financial advisory and client relationship in order to maximize sales performance. She develops growth strategies for the business and leads marketing initiatives.
As a Realtor, Jumoke has won awards and recognition in her industry. She was awarded Realtor of the Year by Redbricks Homes International Limited and was named to the Top 40 Realtors in 2018. She also was among Landwey Investment Top 40 Realtors of the Year 2018, she was number 26 on the record. In 2019, she also was among the Top 5 Realtors in the 2nd Quarter by Landwey Investment Limited, as well as the Top Selling Realtor of the 2nd Quarter. She is on a mission to help working professionals take advantage of the numerous opportunities that the real estate business offers in order to build wealth. She pursues this objective relentlessly and has sold several dozens of properties.
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