About Us

About Us

We are a Real Estate firm matching individuals’ and organizations’ real estate goals and investment to fit their lifestyles using best practices that are legally proven to guarantee client’s ROI in the most reputable way. We are not mindless of the fears and uncertainties that have dominated the real estate business due to the nefarious activities of individuals who deploy fraudulent methods to rid people of their dreams and goals of acquiring properties.

Recently, the real estate business has been one of the porous businesses in Nigeria. Hence, the safest and transparent way to getting value on any investment you make on acquiring landing and housing properties is dependent on creating a healthy relationship with qualified real estate firms and companies who understand the peculiarities and modalities of real estate and are ready to adapt it to suit your lifestyle and preferences.

At Tojek Properties, we are not only interested in helping you to acquire your own property but also keen on guiding you through our structured consultancy session that exposes you to detailed knowledge with practical experience that can drive your real estate goals, preferences and investment effectively with full assurance that you have made a very wise choice.

Our services are tailored specifically in partnership with other top-notch Real Estate Companies to better guarantee you your real estate ROI without compromising legal documentation, accountability, transparency and awesome client service experience.

Our Services


We conduct and facilitate consultation sessions for clients prior to acquiring properties; offer expert advice on what works considering our clients’ investment plan and lifestyle.

There is much misleading information out there but at Tojek Properties, we are able to guide you through with full assurance that you’re never misguided.

Real Estate Brokers/Realtors

At Tojek Properties, we match sincere sellers with prepared and informed buyers having considered each party's readiness to engage in credible transactions.

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