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Why Us?

World Class After Sales Service

We conduct and facilitate consultation sessions for clients and guide them through from start to finish, and even beyond.


There is much misleading information out there but at Tojek Properties, we are able to guide you through with full assurance that you’re never misinformed.

Client Education

We put the power in our clients' hands by enlightening them comprehensively about Real Estate and Documentation.

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Our Core Values


We believe strongly in clarity and honesty which have been a major part of our success story.

Being clear, exact and honest about every of our real estate deals with clients from start to finish is not negotiable and as such we will always appreciate our clients for being trustworthy and open about their real estate needs and goals as this has further strengthened our business relationship goals.


We are not a party to investing in shady properties. Our reputation, as well as partners’ reputation, are of great importance and high esteem.

Therefore, we do not stand to compromise this on any ground that may warrant such. We partner with reputable Real Estate companies to deliver awesome service.


In solving problems relating to real estate, we esteem giving our clients - both in Nigeria and in the diaspora detailed information and assistance they need when making their landing and housing property choices regardless of their proposed investment or lifestyle preferences.

We derive no satisfaction or value from clients who make wrong choices or take uninformed decisions; we are always at alert to detect loopholes before your properties are acquired

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